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Croydon waxing services in south london

Legs Waxing

A simple 20-35 minute treatment which results in silky smooth skin, lasting for several weeks

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Bikini Waxing

A hygienic wax which can be either Hollywood or Brazilian depending on your personal preference

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Face Waxing

A sensitive treatment for women or men which leaves your skin looking natural and feeling smooth

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Back & Chest Waxing

Providing relief to your body, making you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

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Quick, quality beauty treatments at Croydon Waxing

Croydon Waxing is a professional, hygienic and good value waxing service based in South London. The company is run by Sylwia Tatar, a fully trained and qualified beautician who specialises in waxing depilation.

Sylwia has a great reputation as a beauty therapist as she takes care to tailor her treatments to each client’s particular needs, including your preferences and the sensitivity of your skin, taking any health issues into consideration. Before any treatment takes place, you will have a consultation to discuss your requirements and determine the most suitable wax and lotions for your skin and hair type. Sylwia is happy to speak in confidence with her clients, as she understands that hair removal can be a sensitive issue for both men and women.

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 The priority of Croydon Waxing is to make the treatment as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Sylwia makes a special effort to create a pleasant atmosphere in her studio or wherever the treatment takes place. As a mobile therapist she is flexible on where she works – she can come to your home or you can visit her at her clean, discreet studio in South London. Sylwia can travel to most areas of London and Surrey, including Croydon, Sutton, Streatham and Norbury.

South london waxing

 Hygiene is also very important for Croydon Waxing. Sylwia provides sanitary wipes and hand sanitiser for her clients to prevent germs from reaching freshly waxed areas. She always wears disposable gloves while waxing and will never use the same spatula twice for intimate areas, particularly during a bikini wax. Following a facial wax, antiseptic cream is applied to protect the skin from bacteria.

Great waxing offer!

 Another reason to choose Croydon Waxing over other local beauty therapists is the great value for money. Prices start at £15 for a bikini wax or £16 for a half leg wax. Plus, first time customers receive a special offer of 50% off any treatment! * (*This offer does not apply if you are more than 15 mins late for your first appointment!) If you’re interested in Croydon Waxing’s services, get in touch via email or phone today to find out more and book your first appointment.

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